Rabu, 13 Juni 2012

#tutorials : [How to Make Windows Alert Message]

Hi, all! Long time I don't see u! How are u? Fine? :D
Okay, now, I'm gonna post a tutorial titled "How to make windows alert"
Firstly, I wanna ask something.
Do you know what windows alert message is?
Well, you must see this picture I think :

Yeah, that's what called Windows Alert Message.
Now, how to make a kind of WAM?

Attention and look at these some steps :

1. Log in to your blogger (0f course!)

2. Go to Template, then, click "Edit HTML"

3. Find the </head> code. To make it easy to find, just click CTRL+F, then, type </head>

4. Have you done? If you've found that code, type the magic code above the </head> code. 

5. The magic code is :

<SCRIPT language='JavaScript'>alert("Type Your Alert Message Here");</SCRIPT>
If you've done. then, save it! Every person who visit ur blog will get that Alert Message! :D
But, Remember! Don't use too much A.M. Why? Because, it'll make the visitor uncomfortable while visiting our blog.


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